Boys R Us (book)


Boys R Us by Ronald Cornelissen is published by Serious Matters, Amsterdam.
The introduction to the 14 drawings reproduced from the series Boys R Us (original format 67 x 93 cm) was written by Q.S. Serafijn (NL & EN). Els Kerremans was responsible for the typography.
Boys R Us comes in an edition of 30 numbered copies (A3 size). Each box contains a ‘small boy’, an original Ronald Cornelissen drawing relating to one of the Boys R Us drawings.

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Since 1988, visual artist Ronald Cornelissen has been making drawings, sculptures and installations. The relationship between the individual and his or her direct (urban) environment and the friction this evokes are a central theme in the artist’s work.

This publication provides for the first time a major survey of Cornelissen’s drawings from 2004 until now. Included are two texts: one by English curator and art critic Tom Morton, who in his personal and dynamic manner gives his vision of the artist’s drawings, the other by Peter Nijenhuis, visual arts program director of K13, who looks in detail at the distinctive drawing style (or lack of it) in Cornelissen’s work.

Published in 2011 – 64 pages in full color – design: Simon Davies

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This publication was made possible with the support of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture  Amsterdam and Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam.

Many thanks: Chris Kennedy, Arnold Mosselman and Marieke Wiegel.



In February 2000 I presented the first number of Wormhole, a periodical in which the drawing takes pride of place. The artists I have published were all invited because of their love of drawing. They were inspired by the picture-story, the traditional or underground comic-strip, or they worked within a more conceptual context, with texts combined with drawings and collage. Wormhole should be seen as a platform for a dynamic group of graphic artists who are often also active in other disciplines. The periodical is a place where artists of the most diverse backgrounds are brought together. Beside work by artists conversant with the theoretical and historical foundations of contemporary art, artists are also represented who are unencumbered by this theoretical baggage, or who have laid it aside.

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Wormhole 5 / Instituto Buena Bista


The Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) started in September 2006 with – for us – the heart of the matter: supporting young creative talent on Curacao. With seven kids in an old abandoned pavilion of the psychiatric hospital on Curacao we began unveiling their talents and showing them the possibilities of art. In March we moved to an impressive monumental building in the center of Willemstad which has brought us to new goals and responsibilities: managing a carefully composed program of residents, developing a firm network and a research center and dealing with a new levy of students (now twelve allready). All very serious business. But still, at the end of the day, we are always confronted with the plain beauty of the discoveries these young people are making. They are indeed developing a new view of themselves, their lives, their island, their future and probably also about us… a ‘buena bista’.

On the 16th of October 2007 Ronald Cornelissen arrived at our island for a residency of three months in our ‘Fonds BKVB’ program. Now it is almost the end of November and I have come to know Ronald as someone that loves sound and music above everything and on the other hand as someone that makes visual work that bears a ‘deafening silence’. Both in his drawings and his installations you get drawn into a solidified world that is showing you contradictions, bemusement and fear as a result of overwhelming stimuli and choices of a world that seems to look like ours.
The paper, cardboard and other dead materials in his installations, or the cartoon style and collage -art-quotations in his drawings, give his work the distance it needs to unveil. It seems to be a frozen scream only for us to see.

Inviting Ronald Cornelissen to the IBB we were aware of the fact that we also ‘invited’ Wormhole; the –among connoisseurs – well known periodical on drawing he makes. As we are asking from our residents any form of input to the education of the students, this was an excellent excuse to make another Wormhole with the group that is now ‘inhabiting’ the institute.
Drawing of course is the laboratory of all arts. The sketch reveals the idea in the most basic way, and sometimes even in the most beautiful way. And here you can see for yourself: it is amazing what talent one can find on these islands…

Nancy Hoffmann
director IBB
Curacao, 27th November 2007

Published in 2007 in collaboration with Instituto Buena Bista – 64 pages black/ white – A4 size
With: Luigino Brandao (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles), Kelvin Reigina (Dominican Republic), Aldino Kuwas (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles), Harvey Davelaar (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles), Frenjeska Schoop (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles), Naomy Meijer (Colombia), Davin Brainard (USA), Tirzo Martha (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles), Cleo de Brabander (Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles), Paola van den Bor (The Netherlands),Luigino Brandao (Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles), Hendrik Moesker (Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles), Elvis Chen (Surinam), Quentley Barbara (Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles), David Bade (Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles), Germain Luiciana (Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles), Kendrick Boelijn (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles) and Ronald Cornelissen (The Netherlands)

To order Wormhole 5 contact Instituto Buena Bista at:
Price: 10 € or 17,50 Naf (postage not included).

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.…

Wormhole 4


Published in 2006 – 64 pages in full colour and black/white – edited in collaboration with Paul van der Eerden
With: Kalervo Palsa (FIN), Davin Brainard (US), Wim (NL), Mohammed (NL), Paul van der Eerden (NL), Gilgian Gelzer (FR), Ann Course (UK), Reginald Drooduin (NL) and Ronald Cornelissen.



When Wormhole 4 was published a presentation was made in the library of Stroom in The Hague from 19 December 2006 until 4 February 2007. Besides original artworks from the magazine videos by Ann Course and Paul Clark (Rotting Artist, 2002), Time Stereo (with animations and performances) and  sculptures by Ronald Cornelissen were included in this show.



In 2007 Patricia Pulles curated ‘Exchanging Roles, Alternative platforms from Rotterdam’ for Careof in Milan. Participating artist initiatives were: Antistrot, Stichting B.a.d., Fucking Good Art, Museum Van Nagsael, PAGES, De Player, Het Wilde Weten and Wormhole.
For this occasion I put together a movie program with films by Vanessa Renwick (Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal, Portrait #2: Trojan; Britton, South Dakota), Ann Course and Paul Clark (Recruitment Video), Cary Loren (Grow Live Monsters) and various animated films and live action films from Time Stereo.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.…

Wormhole 3


Published in 2003 – 96 pages in black/white
With: Beatriz Monteavaro (US) , Michael Hurley (US) Paul Noble (GB), Davin Brainard (US) in collaboration with Warren Defever (US) and Hitoko Sakai (US), Ina van Zyl (NL), Wouter Coumou (NL), Arnold Mosselman (NL) and Chris Kennedy (NL) in collaboration with Ronald Cornelissen.



The exhibition Worm-Hole 3: Stepping Out, Sometime Else appeared at TENT. in Rotterdam when the third issue was published in 2003. Next to the artists who published their work in this issue of Wormhole Maddy Arkesteyn (BE) was invited to participate in the exhibition.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.…

Wormhole 2


Published in 2002 – 96 pages in full colour and black/white with a small poster by Lily van der Stokker – edited in collaboration with Arnold Mosselman.
With: Anold Mosselman (NL), Lizette Daas (NL), Chris Johanson (VS), Gerrit Jan Fukkink (NL), Ben Augustus (NL), Hein Dingemans (NL), Davin Brainard (VS), Koji Tano (JA), Lily van der Stokker (NL), Michael Hurley (VS) and Ronald Cornelissen.


With the appearance of Wormhole 2 in 2002 an exhibition was made to be a part of the Buiten Zinnen show in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.…

Wormhole 1


Published in 2000 – 96 pages in black/white – edited in collaboration with Arnold Mosselman With: Davin Brainard (Partie) (VS), Tobias Tak (GB), Ben Schot (NL), Olaf Brandt (NL), Arnold Mosselman (NL), David Bade (NL), Ewoud van Rijn (NL), Hitoko Sakai (JA), Elise Tak (NL), Koji Tano (JA), Fabian Posse (NL) and Ronald Cornelissen.


To mark the presentation of Wormhole 1 at the XX Multiple Gallery in Rotterdam, an exhibition was organized (‘Wormhole: The Movie’) with the original drawings covering an entire wall as a gigantic collage, interspersed with display-cabinets demonstrating the sources of the different artists’ inspiration. This exhibition, in slimmed-down form, could also be seen at the Bookbeat Gallery in Detroit, and travelled, now augmented with new work from the participating artists, to the Gendai Heights Gallery, Tokyo.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.