Wormhole 2


Published in 2002 – 96 pages in full colour and black/white with a small poster by Lily van der Stokker – edited in collaboration with Arnold Mosselman.
With: Anold Mosselman (NL), Lizette Daas (NL), Chris Johanson (VS), Gerrit Jan Fukkink (NL), Ben Augustus (NL), Hein Dingemans (NL), Davin Brainard (VS), Koji Tano (JA), Lily van der Stokker (NL), Michael Hurley (VS) and Ronald Cornelissen.


With the appearance of Wormhole 2 in 2002 an exhibition was made to be a part of the Buiten Zinnen show in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.