Wormhole 3


Published in 2003 – 96 pages in black/white
With: Beatriz Monteavaro (US) , Michael Hurley (US) Paul Noble (GB), Davin Brainard (US) in collaboration with Warren Defever (US) and Hitoko Sakai (US), Ina van Zyl (NL), Wouter Coumou (NL), Arnold Mosselman (NL) and Chris Kennedy (NL) in collaboration with Ronald Cornelissen.



The exhibition Worm-Hole 3: Stepping Out, Sometime Else appeared at TENT. in Rotterdam when the third issue was published in 2003. Next to the artists who published their work in this issue of Wormhole Maddy Arkesteyn (BE) was invited to participate in the exhibition.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.