In February 2000 I presented the first number of Wormhole, a periodical in which the drawing takes pride of place. The artists I have published were all invited because of their love of drawing. They were inspired by the picture-story, the traditional or underground comic-strip, or they worked within a more conceptual context, with texts combined with drawings and collage. Wormhole should be seen as a platform for a dynamic group of graphic artists who are often also active in other disciplines. The periodical is a place where artists of the most diverse backgrounds are brought together. Beside work by artists conversant with the theoretical and historical foundations of contemporary art, artists are also represented who are unencumbered by this theoretical baggage, or who have laid it aside.

Price: 10 euro (postage not included). To order Wormhole  contact Ronald Cornelissen. As soon as I have received your order I will email you an invoice for your order that includes the shipping cost and bank details. I will send you the package when you have paid.