Limbo Walks, Limbo Sleeps


Limbo Walks, Limbo Sleeps comes in a limited edition of 50 numbered and signed copies. This edition was published by Ronald Cornelissen with the support of Le Fonds Canson pour l’Art et le Papier. The original works were made in 2009 in ink, watercolor, sepia and pencil on inkjet prints. They are reproduced here at their original size. The graphic design was done by Ronald van Lit.

Edition of 40 Dutch and 10 English copies – 32,9 x 24,1 cm – 2015
Price: 70 €

Many thanks to: Catherine Barthe and Ronald van Lit

Androuiette in de Petteflat


This publication is part of the collection chipiron from the French publisher Solo Ma Non Troppo. This book with drawings that were made between 2016 and 2018 was published in March 2019 in an edition of a 150 copies. It can be ordered at Solo Ma Non Troppo. The price is 15,00 €

It is a co-edition with galerie Bernard Jordan (Paris)
20 x 27 cm – 36 full colour pages – 2019
isbn 978-2-919289-48-6

Many thanks: Jean Bescos, Geneviève Hergott & Bernard Jordan

Detroit Backwards


In June 2018 PrintRoom’s Riso workspace was taken over by Davin Brainard and myself. We collaborated on a zine entitled Detroit Backwards; a portrait of Davin’s hometown which I have visited several times over the past 20 years. We asked Ivan Cornelissen-Wiegel to come up with stuff to fill in the inevitable blank spots in our memories. Both Davin and me share a love for comics, cartoons, fanzines, graffiti and collage and have performed in the group Princess DragonMom.

On Saturday the 2nd of  June 2018 we showed the results of our collaboration at Printroom with  drawings from the book and movies from Time Stereo’s Movie Time, a compilation of live action and animation movies.

Published by PrintRoom & Time Stereo – Edition of 50 copies – 21 x 14,85 cm – 2018
Price 5 €.

Many thanks to: Ewoud van Rijn en Karin de Jong

Back In Business lithograhps

Four lithographic prints I made based on the drawing series Back In Business at Wolfensberger Lithographic Printers  in Zurich, Switzerland.
Lythographic print on paper – 30 x 40 cm – 2016

Back In Businessis is published by Wolfensberger Lithographic Printers in collaboration with Bernard Jordan Gallery.
It is an edition of 24 numbered and signed copies.
1 lithographic print: 600 euro
2 lithographic prints: 1000 euro
4 lithographic prints: 1900 euro

Thanks to: Bernard Jordan, Adem Dërmaku and Thomi Wolfensberger

The Life and Times of Ron Away


The Life and Times of Ron Away
Installations and sculptures by Ronald Cornelissen

The Life and Times of Ron Away focuses on Cornelissen’s sculptures and installations made between 1998 and 2014.  Studies and documentation of the generation and the demise of the sculptures are also included in the publication. Most of Ronald Cornelissen’s sculptures and installations are destroyed after being shown. This means that, apart from the few models which have survived, this publication is the only material record of these works. Arnold Mosselman wrote the introduction for the book and the English curator Tom Morton has written an essay for the book which has been designed by Simon Davies.

Order at:
MEUZE Foundation
Schepenstraat 48A-I
3039 NJ Rotterdam
+31 6 38 37 90 14 –

The Life and Times of Ron Away was published by the MEUZE Foundation.
320 pages – English – paperback
Price: 40 euro

Boys R Us at walgenbach art & books


On Saturday the 16th of March a new art bookstore and gallery opened in the Gouwstraat 15 in Rotterdam: Walgenbach art & books. Concurrently with the opening of the store and gallery this webshop became operational:

Between March 16 and May 19 Walgenbach art & books presents the book Boys R Us and in the Gouwstraat 22 drawings will be exhibited. Boys R Us comes in an edition of 30 numbered copies. Each box contains a small boy, an original drawing relating to one of the Boys R US drawings.

Walgenbach art & books, Gouwstraat 15, 3082 BA Rotterdam. Open: Thursday until Saturday from 12 to 18 hours and by appointment.

Boys R Us (book)


Boys R Us by Ronald Cornelissen is published by Serious Matters, Amsterdam.
The introduction to the 14 drawings reproduced from the series Boys R Us (original format 67 x 93 cm) was written by Q.S. Serafijn (NL & EN). Els Kerremans was responsible for the typography.
Boys R Us comes in an edition of 30 numbered copies (A3 size). Each box contains a ‘small boy’, an original Ronald Cornelissen drawing relating to one of the Boys R Us drawings.

For more information you can send an email Ronald Cornelissen.



Since 1988, visual artist Ronald Cornelissen has been making drawings, sculptures and installations. The relationship between the individual and his or her direct (urban) environment and the friction this evokes are a central theme in the artist’s work.

This publication provides for the first time a major survey of Cornelissen’s drawings from 2004 until now. Included are two texts: one by English curator and art critic Tom Morton, who in his personal and dynamic manner gives his vision of the artist’s drawings, the other by Peter Nijenhuis, visual arts program director of K13, who looks in detail at the distinctive drawing style (or lack of it) in Cornelissen’s work.

Published in 2011 – 64 pages in full color – design: Simon Davies

Price: € 15,00 (shipping not included)

To order TOOSH contact Ronald Cornelissen. As soon as I have received your order I will email you an invoice for your order that includes the shipping cost and bank details. I will send you the package when you have paid.

This publication was made possible with the support of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture  Amsterdam and Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam.

Many thanks: Chris Kennedy, Arnold Mosselman and Marieke Wiegel.



In February 2000 I presented the first number of Wormhole, a periodical in which the drawing takes pride of place. The artists I have published were all invited because of their love of drawing. They were inspired by the picture-story, the traditional or underground comic-strip, or they worked within a more conceptual context, with texts combined with drawings and collage. Wormhole should be seen as a platform for a dynamic group of graphic artists who are often also active in other disciplines. The periodical is a place where artists of the most diverse backgrounds are brought together. Beside work by artists conversant with the theoretical and historical foundations of contemporary art, artists are also represented who are unencumbered by this theoretical baggage, or who have laid it aside.

Price: 10 euro (postage not included). To order Wormhole  contact Ronald Cornelissen. As soon as I have received your order I will email you an invoice for your order that includes the shipping cost and bank details. I will send you the package when you have paid.