Wormhole 4


Published in 2006 – 64 pages in full colour and black/white – edited in collaboration with Paul van der Eerden
With: Kalervo Palsa (FIN), Davin Brainard (US), Wim (NL), Mohammed (NL), Paul van der Eerden (NL), Gilgian Gelzer (FR), Ann Course (UK), Reginald Drooduin (NL) and Ronald Cornelissen.



When Wormhole 4 was published a presentation was made in the library of Stroom in The Hague from 19 December 2006 until 4 February 2007. Besides original artworks from the magazine videos by Ann Course and Paul Clark (Rotting Artist, 2002), Time Stereo (with animations and performances) and  sculptures by Ronald Cornelissen were included in this show.



In 2007 Patricia Pulles curated ‘Exchanging Roles, Alternative platforms from Rotterdam’ for Careof in Milan. Participating artist initiatives were: Antistrot, Stichting B.a.d., Fucking Good Art, Museum Van Nagsael, PAGES, De Player, Het Wilde Weten and Wormhole.
For this occasion I put together a movie program with films by Vanessa Renwick (Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal, Portrait #2: Trojan; Britton, South Dakota), Ann Course and Paul Clark (Recruitment Video), Cary Loren (Grow Live Monsters) and various animated films and live action films from Time Stereo.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.