Wormhole 1


Published in 2000 – 96 pages in black/white – edited in collaboration with Arnold Mosselman With: Davin Brainard (Partie) (VS), Tobias Tak (GB), Ben Schot (NL), Olaf Brandt (NL), Arnold Mosselman (NL), David Bade (NL), Ewoud van Rijn (NL), Hitoko Sakai (JA), Elise Tak (NL), Koji Tano (JA), Fabian Posse (NL) and Ronald Cornelissen.


To mark the presentation of Wormhole 1 at the XX Multiple Gallery in Rotterdam, an exhibition was organized (‘Wormhole: The Movie’) with the original drawings covering an entire wall as a gigantic collage, interspersed with display-cabinets demonstrating the sources of the different artists’ inspiration. This exhibition, in slimmed-down form, could also be seen at the Bookbeat Gallery in Detroit, and travelled, now augmented with new work from the participating artists, to the Gendai Heights Gallery, Tokyo.

Many thanks: Ronald van Lit.