Een ver afgelegen huis

From 5 February to 6 March 2022, the exhibition A far-away house was shown in the Vishal in Haarlem. Years ago curator Luuk Wilmering heard the story of a fellow artist, who at a certain point decided to retreat to a remote island to start a sheep farm in the desolation of that place. Away from everything, a new life. That story really appealed to him. It touched upon a vague longing in himself.

Many artists, writers and philosophers are familiar with the desire to isolate themselves from the world, temporarily or otherwise. In this age of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, this need seems greater than ever. It is almost impossible to escape the fleeting communication on social media. Whereas silence and isolation are prerequisites for free thinking and artistic research. A remote house sounds tempting. It can be a place where you can come to yourself and to new insights. But it can also be a place where you are confronted with yourself, with deep doubts, fears and imperfections. And it can be a place where you are not really welcome.

The exhibition can be seen as a search for the house where you naturally feel at home. For a place that mirrors yourself. For a sense of security that comes from your memory. A distant house can be seen as a last refuge, to be found in time as well as space. But it can also be a house where you don’t feel welcome. Where you are excluded. That is literally beyond your reach.

With Elise ‘t Hart, Wim Bosch, frank mandersloot, Luuk Wilmering and Ronald Cornelissen.