Residency in Greenland aboard Le Manguier


In May 2017 Phillipe Hercher’s invited me to stay on his boat Le Manguier for a ‘sejour artistique’ in Disko Bay on the west Coast of Greenland together with Louis Adam (FR), Romain Farge(FR) and Matthieu Litt (BE). The trip started in June 2019 and started by going from Aasiat to the little Island of Kitsisarsuit (Kronprinsen Ejland) halfway in between Aasiat and Disko Island. From there we sailed to Qeqertarsuaq (God Haven) on the Southside of Disko Island. Then we went to Oqatsut (Rode Bay) and after that to Ilulisat from where we took a walk to Jacobshavn Glacier. After that we take a night trip to Ilumanaq, a trip that took us through the ice in front of the mouth of Ilulissat Icefjord in the midnight sun, an otherworldly experience. From Ilumanaq we sail further to a bay close to Qasiganguit, to the little village of Akunnaaq and then back to Aasiat.

With many thanks to: Philippe Hercher and Louis Adam