Solarium for Jim Henson


New Bank for the Lehman Brothers is a sculpture that is made up by 3 objects that should be regarded as architectural models for a new bank for the Lehman Brothers. It was exhibited at the headquarters of the economic, social and environmental Council in Palais d’Iena in Paris in 2011.

Wood, cloth, chairs, toilet seats, curtains, Formica and metal – variable dimensions – 2011

New Sun in its original form was made in 2008 and shown at the 10th anniversary show at  Locust Projects in Miami.

Print, cardboard, paper, wood, acrylic on cloth,  neon lights and metal – variable dimensions – 2008

These works are installed together at Test Site Rotterdam in collaboration with Sculpture  International Rotterdam and is part of the 5th International Architecture                 
Biennale Rotterdam: Making City.

Many thanks: Lisan Scheepe, Hans Diks and Dees Linders.