Robot Heart performance at MOCAD


CONSIDERING DETROIT – Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) – 2008
With Ellen Cantor, Maurice Greenia Jr. (Maugre), Jim Gustafson, Allie McGhee, Heather McGill, Gordon Newton and Time Stereo’s “UFO Factory”


UFO Factory is the third in a projected series of architectural models which feature a highly theatrical element. UFO Factory in MOCAD is produced from a small five inch tall cardboard replica of the original UFO Factory, a brick and mortar art-space located in an undisclosed industrial area of Eastern Market, New Detroit, less than a mile away from MOCAD.

“The underlying organizational rationale is that we are re-constructing a full-size (800 sq ft.) art gallery / performance space / nightclub entirely out of cardboard. We work not from memory, photographs, or detailed diagrams, instead we follow the example of a tiny cardboard model which lacks all but the most basic details or fixtures. We believe community is an important issue in our work. Our use of “common” materials, spray paint, cardboard, and glue, is not only a textural component that is easily recognized and afforded by all artists working in a economically depressed area but also may be seen as a rejection of so-called “high” art tradition”.

As UFO Factory continues to evolve in its three months of interactive events, audiences seeking to lose themselves in real and fake art exhibits, ufology, abnormal animal and human curiosities, flippancy, insane melodrama, man transformed into wolf, sophisticated novelties, life, action, abduction, magic, movies, and suprise can respond emotionally, individually and collectively, to the curious wedding of realism, romance, innocence, and silver spectacle.

ROBOT HEART with Davin Brainard, Warn Defever, Dion Fisher, Aliccia Berg, Mike Kearns and Ronald Cornelissen

Photo’s/foto’s: Sarah Lapinski (3,4 & 6) and Corine Vermeulen (1,5 & 7)