Arno Pronk, member of the TU/e, is of the opinion that the building industry does not possess the material or technical resources needed to realize extreme computer generated architectonic forms. He is not alone in thinking this. In collaboration with Professor Beunkers and students of the faculty for Air and Space Travel at TU-Delft he has developed a technical method intended to optimize the realisation of so-called Blobs architecture. Blobs officially stands for Binary Large Objects and is concerned with computer generated fluid architecture. The TU/e and SKOR invited Jurgen Bey, Ronald Cornelissen and Gabriel Lester to join students of TU Eindhoven in a workshop to design a ‘Blob’, which hopefully will serve as a functional pavilion for new media on campus at TU Eindhoven.

Lemmy was commissioned by SKOR en TU-e, 2003 and developed in collaboration with Ivo Vrouwe, Sander Harmsel, Oswald Verbeij and Jingyi Dai.